With over 40 years of M&A experience and a history of entrepreneurship, CapEQ has the experience and the knowledge to help you deliver excellence.

Our approach is driven by the highest levels of integrity and honesty, putting our clients first whilst always treating them as people, not just another transaction. 

Our focus is on finding the right outcome for clients, considering ethos, fit and value whilst delivering the right advice at the right time.

We firmly believe that business exists both to make a profit and as a force for positive change in the world and we are proud to be undertaking B Corporation certification. This is not a trivial or light-touch approach.

Are we different? (WE THINK SO)

CapEQ exists to advise clients on long term growth, ongoing value creation and a maximised sale price. We improve business strategy and operations; optimise departments and competencies; seek investment; review markets; acquire new businesses; and value, prepare and sell businesses effectively.

We believe:

1. Our clients’ interests come first

2. Every transaction should be led by the client’s personal needs & preferences

3. People are more important than numbers

4. Transactions depend on relationships

5. Insights are driven by data and smart software

6. Having a plan starts with having a purpose

7. Achieving the best deal is vital, but not at the expense of ethical considerations

8. All stakeholder needs should be considered

9. Financial focus should not eclipse social and environmental impact

10. Long term is more important than short term

This guiding philosophy is underpinned by hard-won professionalism and the experience gained in advising more than 200 client organisations.

* Certified B Corporations are social enterprises independently verified as creating value for employees, the local community and the environment. This entails a different governance philosophy, charter and operational model than a traditional shareholder-driven organisation.


"Simply put, James is one of the best corporate finance advisers I have worked with. With his tenacity, energy and genuine commitment to his clients, you always want him on your team.”
– REBECCA LEASK Partner (Corporate) at Harrison Clark Rickerbys


"Mark is a true professional. He has a fantastic ability to manage a  deal and find a way through any tricky deal points. I have really enjoyed working with Mark and hope to do so in the future. He has many very happy clients. I am always happy when Mark was on my side of the deal! "
– LEON ARNOLD Head of Corporate at Freeths Oxford
"Mark has a wealth of knowledge and experience as an adviser to his clients. He is passionate, has excellent negotiation skills and is able to work through difficult situations without creating animosity or hard feelings with the other side. Mark is highly ethical, has the upmost integrity and will not compromise it for the sake of a deal."
– ALEX ATCHISON Shareholder / Attorney at Young Moore & Henderson PA 
"I have worked with Mark over the past 5 years on several transactions.  The collaboration is always very pleasant and professional. Mark is interested in details, has a very good understanding for the client’s business and has a strong ability to also address the tactical, psychological and human aspects of transactions. I highly recommend Mark on his work and integrity."
– MARC NUFER Head of Corporate Eversheds Sutherland Switzerland