You may be considering acquisitions as part of a long-term strategic growth strategy, as a grow to exit plan or even just as an opportunistic tactical move. Acquisitions can add scale, capability and assets that you may not have. More importantly it may be much cheaper and quicker to acquire another business than to develop the capability yourself. 

Acquisitions can add scale, capability and assets that you may not have. More importantly it may be much cheaper and quicker to acquire another business than to develop the capability yourself. 

Whatever the reason, we have the experience necessary to make your acquisitions successful. We help clients identify, contact, negotiate, complete and integrate acquisitions.

We also help clients work out the best way to fund transactions, whether that’s through increasing debt within the business or taking on an equity investor and partner.

No matter your needs we have the skills to deliver on your strategic goals and to ensure your acquisitions are succesful.

James was able to very competently discuss technical, financial, and legal issues with each of the various experts involved in the deal. He overstepped his remit wherever required to pick up tricky loose ends that others had avoided or missed.
Due in no small part to James’ unfaltering energy and commitment to the deal, we shook on the sale in early November and had a signed SPA and the business sale completed by Christmas.

Making the Acquisition

So how can we help you make your acquisitions successful? 

There is no single model: we always create a bespoke approach, tailored to your specific needs, which addresses:

Understanding your different funding options

Identifying the benefits of an acquisition, the “scarcity value”

Addressing integration challenges and wins

Searching for acquisition targets, looking for the right fit, ethos and impact

Confidentially approaching targets

Helping you understand how to value the businesses you are assessing

Opening and leading negotiations

Agreeing terms

There is, no doubt, that without James' help and experience that such a successful transaction would not have been achieved. James’ strengths at understanding our business, his ability to communicate and empathy in everything that James did for us at every stage. Like many such deals, it got a bit fraught for us at times, but his prior business experience, substantial M&A knowledge and good humour ensured that we got over the line.
– GEOFF JONES & SIMON TREMLETT Wireless Innovation

Key Considerations:

  1. Acquisitions can be transformative or destructive. The key to managing the risk is to understand why you are acquiring, to ensure you are acquiring at the right price and most critically ensuring that the integration of the businesses is successful. An advisor can add value to all these areas.
  2. You will find there are many targets that you could acquire, but few targets that you should acquire. Using an advisor can save you significant time and money in finding and targeting the latter.
  3. Understanding the seller and forming a relationship with them is critical. You are likely to work with them on at least a short-term basis, and possibly for decades to come. Negotiating transactions and overcoming obstacles creates tensions at the early stage of forming a relationship; CapEQ protects owner and acquiror relationships but handling negotiations and finding solutions to barriers. 
  4. As an acquiror you need to be considering both the risk and reward in the transaction; It takes skills and experience to structure the right deal at the right price for both parties. Having completed many many transactions we can find creative solutions to just about any challenge whilst maintaining goodwill.
  5. Integrating and managing the business is far more important than the actual transaction itself. The biggest risk to an acquiror is not the transaction itself but the long-term failure of the acquisition. We can help you integrate, analyse and manage the new business. 
Mark has a natural style to get on with people and understand quickly how to work with people to get the best out of them. He handles all his business affairs in a no-nonsense professional manner and shows real enthusiasm and enjoyment in his profession. I would recommend Mark as he is an honest, trustworthy guy.
– PAUL COX Wastefile