What we will cost & how to get started

Our fees depend on what you need and what we do, aligned to the amount of work we do to hit your objectives.

You pay us a retainer at the start of an engagement and over the months spent in preparation and marketing: then we charge you an agreed percentage of the transaction on completion. We also charge out of pocket expenses incurred outside of our home countries. 

You will also need specialist M&A legal advice which will come at additional cost. We would be happy to introduce you to our panel lawyers to ensure you can choose the highest quality advice from a legal team you are comfortable with. 

In line with our ethical standards, all our panel lawyers are entirely independent from us and act only on our clients behalf; they remain on our panel only because they have proven their credentials to us and prior clients. 

We believe our costs are dwarfed by the quality and value of the deal we can achieve in selling your business. Naturally there is no cost involved in chatting through your options.

"It was brilliant the way James smoothed the deal. He pre-empted problems, flagged up potential difficulties, and forewarned me of any major issues, which of course meant they became much less momentous later on. Those interpersonal, management skills were decisive. James has worked on many, many deals – and even sold a company of his own – and I really felt his experience on my side, always." 
Cox Agri