Our mission is to create a postive and sustainable
social change using technology and business
as a force for good


At CapEQ believe that capitalism is at its best
when tempered by social responsibility.

But the question is... How do we do it?

The answer is simple:

  • We look after our staff
  • We employ sharp minds, and we don't
  • We give back to the community and actively work to protect our planet


  • On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), our
    clients rank their experience with CapEQ
    at a 9.2
  • 30% found their needs were understood
    extremely well. 70% felt their needs were
    understood very well
  • When asked if they would recommend
    CapEQ... 100% said YES!

When asked what we did well, our clients have said:
"Very happy with the team! We would not hesitate to re-engage with them for a final sale"



We are building a talented team united by a shared purpose to use technology and business
for a better, brighter future

  • 100% of our staff agree their work gives
    them a sense of personal
  • 92% strongly agree that they are a valued
    member of CapEQ
  • 85% strongly agree that their job allows
    them the flexibiliy they need t o achieve a
    satisfactory work life balance
  • 100% strongly agree that people at CapEQ
    are treated with respect and dignity

When asked about our staff, 100% our client have said:
"The CapEQ staff understand our needs and seem to bring forward the best of the
CapEQ culture"



At CapEQ we pride ourselves in doing our part to promote social responsibility and helping
reduce the environment impact that our business has.

We are proud to say that CapEQ is a carbon-neutral organisation
(currenly we are carbon-negative).

CapEQ is a young and evolving organisation, we are committed to continuously
monitor and extend our environmental commitments, revisiting and revising them