Great. ‘Can I sell my business?’ – and ‘How do I sell my business?’ – are two of our favourite questions (because we have the answers). Making sales work smoothly, effectively and profitably is the backbone of what we do.

We recognise that selling and handing over the success you’ve created packs an emotional punch. However, finding the right time to sell your business, at the right price and on the right terms also presents new possibilities. Having been amongst Europe’s most successful and prolific dealmakers, we know how to release your full potential via a trade or private equity sale.

But why would you want to sell in the first place? You might need a partner to fuel growth, or a competitor/suitor has made an approach. You could simply be curious about what your business is actually worth or keen to explore your options for a structured exit – now, soon or long-term. Or perhaps retirement beckons.

Whatever the circumstances - and whether you are contemplating a sale or merger - your priority is to appoint an expert, trusted guide who combines experience, expertise and personality with the right values - and value. 

Our senior team at CapEQ has particular experience in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, IT, food, human capital, recycling and waste, businesses services and education. We have worked in most sectors, applying our strengths in research, project management and sourcing international (multi-lingual) potential acquirers.

Ashchem Chemist

"It's not often that your professional advisors also become friends, but our relationship is testament to the mutual respect we developed for each other. His knowledge of private equity and how they work, was fundamental to completing the transaction – a really refreshing change." 

Ashchem Pharmacy

Delivering the sale

So how do we go about shaping your business for sale?

There is no single model: we always create a bespoke approach, tailored to your specific needs, which addresses:

Timing: we give you market-based fact driven advice on when to approach the market. This combines new research with proven knowledge.

Analysis: taking a deep and objective view of what you do – assessing your operations, finances and scarcity value.

Advice: identifying and highlighting barriers to completing the sale –answering the key question: ‘Should I sell my business?’ before addressing how, where and when.

Research: finding potential acquirers around the world – or business merger opportunities.

Soundings: approaching likely candidates.

Preparation: creating the assets and content to support meetings with potential acquirers.

Negotiation: leading structured discussions to maximise price, and help you select your preferred acquirer.

Agreement: determining and drafting terms.

Liaison: working with our/your lawyer (always a partner-level M&A specialist) to ensure due diligence is completed.

Coordination: working with subject matter expert partners around the world [link] to support the transaction.

Ongoing: driving progress throughout, to enable a swift, positive and beneficial transaction.

To facilitate our services, we work with a number of worldwide partners who provide transactional support across the globe. We are also at the forefront of M&A technology using paperless systems and automated workflow whenever possible.


"Most of all he earned my trust and respect and that meant I generally followed his advice and he was proved right. A highly skilled negotiator that knows when to push hard and when to compromise. I am certain he got us the best deal that was as much about strategic fit as financial objectives" 


Some things to think about

Don’t just focus on price: the structure of the transaction is just as important (invariably it’s the main focus on attention when completing the deal)

Look for a good cultural fit: we always prioritise acquirors and sellers who share the same ethos, or complementary characteristics.

If you don’t trust someone, walk away: competitive tension and tough negotiation is fine – and something we can handle for you - but if words and actions don’t align, trouble lies ahead.

Keep the momentum going: we have completed some transactions in weeks, but they normally take 6-9 months, which requires both patience and constant forward movement. Success comes from solid preparation followed by ongoing engagement.

Look for a progressive advisor: for instance, CapEQ favours paperless systems and automated workflows, which indicates more than efficiency: it reflects leadership in M&A technology and an innovative frame of mind.

capital GES

"It's Mark is conscientious, straightforward and honest as well as being empathetic and patient. Having worked with him on two complex multinational M&A deals I have come to respect him not only for his knowledge and experience but also for his measured but firm approach to negotiations with all parties. He is quick-witted and adaptable while remaining modest and open to new ideas; I would not hesitate to work with him again." 

Capital GES