Exit Advice and Deal Making

For many business owners, the experience of fully exiting their business is something that happens only once or twice in their lifetimes. Successful, valuable businesses are a commodity that deserves rigorous and highest quality attention. 

Whilst we are at the forefront of maximising value, we also know that finding the right fit, ethos, and structure of any transaction is a critical consideration for many business owners. Providing clients with a choice of negotiated and optimised positions allows the selection of terms and structures that suit our clients. Many choose not to take the highest "headline number" but instead choose the "best transaction". 

In all our transactions we help our clients to understand the factors that are important to them, and, of course, we seek to fulfill those requirements. We always look to maximise value but also to ensure that we have found the "right" transaction for our clients. 

As your chosen advisor we will help you:

  • Decide when the time is right to approach the market.
  • Understand where the value of your business lies to an acquirer - identify the "scarcity" value.
  • Identify the pool of potential buyers most likely to suit you and your business.
  • Coach you on the best way to present your business most effectively to potential acquirers, attend all of the meetings with potential purchasers. 


  • Teach you all the aspects of a sale that client's consider when making a final decision. The vast majority of them are non-financial.
  • Negotiate a transaction that maximises value but also focuses on the wider crucial elements.
  • Guide you through the often overwhelming / time consuming Due Diligence process. Preparation is key and we'll assist.

Acquisition Services

There are many ways to develop a business, and making an acquisition can have an immediate impact. There’s possibly no quicker way to add scale, new products or services, consolidate a market position, or enter new geographies than by making the right acquisition. 

The best advice and technical support is crucial in identifying appropriate targets and ensuring the risks inherent in any transaction are minimised.

CapEQ will work with you and your senior management team to understand whether this is the right path for your business and provide advice and support throughout the process.

The core services we offer include: 

  • Researching and identifying the right targets.
  • Approaching and making confidential contact with targets. 
  • Leading negotiations.
  • Financial modeling to support a business case.
  • Managing the due diligence; coordinating other professional advisors such as lawyers. 

CapEQ will act as a buffer to preserve relationships with the proposed target and ensure your business can continue to run with minimal interruption. We can offer the technical knowledge and experience to guide your team towards a successful outcome and maximise the chance of success.


Our mantra is to find the right fit and the right home for your company, and we will turn over every stone until we find that right fit.  We are by the side of all of our clients from the first day we meet them through to completion and beyond.