Strategic Advisory and Growth

Do you have a clear, concise and structured plan for the future of both your business and your shareholding in your business?

Have you considered whether you should and could acquire other businesses?

Would you be ready and able to transact if someone made you an offer you shouldn’t refuse?

Can you confidently identify both your own products scarcity value and the scarcity value of your business to another acquirer?

Do you have a clear planned route to exit, with a plan to ascertain timing and most importantly the steps you need to take to maximise both value and structure?

Do you have a written plan covering the key milestones over the next decade, and are you measuring yourself against this plan?

Have you identified the constraints within your business and developed a plan to overcome them?

Strategic Advisory and Growth

If you can answer yes to all these questions, then you are eminently ready for a period of sustained growth. We would be pleased to help you consider integration and an overall strategy, identify a range of targets, conduct and lead negotiations and ultimately complete acquisitions for you. We can carry out this work as part of a long term "buy and build" strategy or against a single opportunity. 

The majority of business owners haven't considered these questions, or had the knowledge and time to fully answer them. If this is you, then contact us for a high level discussion on the art of the possible. Many of the most exciting growth companies kicked off their journey by answering many of these questions and developing to a stage where both organic and acquisition growth is possible. 

Utilising over 3 decades of business experience and having advised over 200 clients we can help you develop your strategy for the coming years. We can help you see the “wood from the trees” and ensure you are running the business as a CEO and not just an Entrepreneur.

By working to a fully developed plan, you will then be able to make informed decisions that you know will benefit the business, your staff, your customers and the shareholders.

Access the worlds Leading Professional Advisors

Of course helping you develop a strategy is only half the battle, you will need help overcoming some of the challenges you face. 

We can introduce you to the leading minds in the areas of:

  • Legal advice- including corporate, IP, Property, HR, Tax, M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • Financial advice- including accountancy, internal accountancy support, Tax planning
  • Wealth management- both for current wealth, but more importantly for Inheritance Tax planning and in consideration of future liquidity events
  • IT systems- selection of CRM, ERP, Website etc. Development of cross-platform integration tools
  • Business coaching- to help shareholders improve as CEO’s and to challenge your status quo
  • Sales training- including some of the most successful sales-people in the UK
  • Digital Marketing- Brand development and Website deployment
  • Visual Identity- Commercial photography from the UK’s leading commercial photographer
  • Skilled Non-Executive Directors- for clients who want even more hands-on advice, we have a pool of over 50 previous clients, who have undertaken your journey, have very successfully sold their business and are now keen to help other shareholders on their journey.